Care Homes

We realise the increasing need for people to reside in Care homes now.  Although the setting is different to your own home, we would still like to make the experience of the eye examination as comfortable and professional as possible.  As we don’t have such ‘targets’ as the larger companies, we can take our time and treat patients as individuals with the respect and dignity they deserve.  We don’t like to ‘rack em in and rack em out’.  Ideally we would prefer to simulate the eye examination as you would find at your normal local Opticians ie private and confidential – without all the other care home residents’ listening in.  Our experience with patients and the family of the patients back this up. 

We will offer you an eye examination

  • At a convenient time to suit you
  • Not overlapping lunch/tea or the administration of medication
  • We can see a small number of patients or a large number (normally spread over the day)